Welcome to Balloon Babes!

  • Arches

    Create a stunning entrance with our balloon arch. They are sure to wow your guests and make your event unforgettable.

    Balloon Arch Ideas 
  • balloon wall balloons event corporate event

    Balloon Walls

    Transform your event into a visual spectacle with our customizable backdrop made of balloons. Add a touch of elegance and excitement to any venue.

    Balloon Wall Ideas 
  • Columns

    Create a vibrant and festive atmosphere with our custom-designed balloon columns. Perfect for adding a touch of magic to any event with your logo added to the topper.

    Balloon Column Ideas 
  • Garland

    Not looking for an arch but need something for the perfect backdrop. Balloon garlands are the perfect touch to bring the fun and theme together.

    Balloon Garland Ideas 
  • Structures and Costumes

    Bring some fun with balloon costumes or scuplures. Almost anything can be made from balloons and we are here to make that happen!

    Costumes and Structures 
  • Balloon Marquee

    Having a birthday is a big deal. Let us create an amazing piece of art all about the birthday babe by adding special touches all about them.

    Balloon Marquee Ideas 
  • Centerpieces

    Complete the look at events by adding some fun and exciting or classy and beautiful centerpieces.

    Balloon Column Ideas 
  • Specialty Helium

    Helium is a great way to add some height and colour to any room. Create bubbles in a room for under the sea, stars floating above a room. Helium bring magic to any room.

    Specialty Helium Ideas 

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