Delivery Terms & Conditions


Orders placed BEFORE 9am, can be delivered same day- CLOSED SUNDAYS.

Canadian delivery only. At this time, I can only deliver as far south as Water St in Cornwall. 

Short summary – If no one is home to receive the balloons and we can't find a safe space to leave the balloons. We will attempt to call you to find a solution, if we can't get a hold of you, the balloons will be sent back to office for someone to collect on the same day. The time will vary depending on our availability. If you are ordering balloons for a friend, to make the delivery as successful as possible, we recommend confirming with them that they will be home between 10 and 11am.

The long version

  • When no one is home to receive the delivery (including if you don't hear the doorbells or knocks), a number of actions below will be taken depending on the situation. We will only contact you to request for instructions if it is not safe to leave your balloons outside. Please note that we are unable to call an American number and we can only wait for a maximum of 5 minutes at each location to meet delivery deadlines.
  • We will make a judgement on whether it is safe to leave the balloons outside (normally tied to your door handle). Given that it is, we will do so and take a photo as well as let you know via text. If it is too windy outside, we will take the balloons back to our office. During the winter, balloons will automatically be brought back to office for same day pick up. If all else fails, such as 1) you live in an apartment and it's illegal to leave parcels outside, or 2) in a gated house where there is nothing to securely attach the bunch to, we will have take the balloons back to our office for someone to collect on the same day. If no collection occurs, see below*.
  • Given that we have left the balloons outside as it was deemed safe to do so, but you do not find the balloons where we had left them due to a number of reasons (e.g. the weather has turned and the wind blew them away or balloons were stolen by passerby), we are not obligated to refund. You have agreed to give ATL at checkout and we will be able to provide you with a photo of the balloons.
  • If you have provided an incorrect address (e.g. the address provided doesn't exist or the recipient is not recognised at the delivery address) and we can't get through to you to request for instructions, we will take the balloons back to our office for someone to collect on the same day. If no collection occurs, see below*.
  • *If no collection occurs on the same day by 5PM, unfortunately we are unable to provide a refund. This is due to the fact that we have made up the balloons and delivery has been attempted.
  • Same day redelivery is at the discretion of the driver on the day. If we are in the area, we can re-deliver, but if our deliveries are done for the day, someone will need to collect them.

Failed pickup

  • In the event where you fail to collect your balloons at the designated time, the option will be to pick up the next day at a time that suits our staff.
  • If you come to collect the next day and find your balloons have gone down or not in 100% condition, we are not obligated to remake.
  • No refund will be given if no collection occurs.

Venue deliveries

  • Once we have dropped off the balloons at the venue, we will take a photo. Beyond this they are no longer our responsibility. Refund or replacement will not be given on the event where 1) your balloons pop due to the room being too hot, or if it was an outdoor area and the weather is too hot or too windy, or coming in contact with sharp objects 2) your balloons were stolen by other patrons in the venue 3) your balloons have been popped by accident by other patrons or staff in the venue.

Refund and replacement 

  • For daily deliveries, all sales are final. No refund will be given on change of mind or event cancellation. Date can be moved (subject to availability), provided that you give enough notice.
  • Strictly no changes in delivery date, items or note within 24 hour of delivery. Changes prior to this period are subject to availability. If we are unable to deliver at the new date you have requested, no refund will be provided.
  • In the event where your balloon pops during transport, we cannot always make a replacement. A refund will be given if we cannot replace.
  • A refund will only be provided if 1) we fail to deliver your order on the day 2) have delivered a significantly different product to what you have ordered (slight variation in colour is acceptable) . Refund will be given on the cost of the faulty balloon, not including delivery.
Helium balloon care
  • Helium gas expands on a hot day and contracts on a cold day or overnight. This is the reason not to leave your balloons inside your car or near the heater as they may pop. 
  • Be careful of unassuming sharp object inside the house that will potentially pop your balloon, such as chipped paint, cracks on the wall, ceiling fan or objects outside the house such as tree branches, hot metal objects, rough pavement or brick wall.
  • Always carry balloons inside a bag on a windy day, otherwise the wind may pull the balloon away causing the latex to tear resulting in balloon popping.
  • Text on personalised balloons may develop wrinkle the next day and this is due to balloon shrinking in volume slightly the next day. Even with hi float, this is unavoidable and is not a fault.


  • Pricing may change at any time due to helium price fluctuation from our supplier. To lock in current price, we would suggest to place an order early.
  • Should there be any pricing error on our website, we will inform you and we are not obliged to honour the incorrect pricing.