Cornwall, Ontario Vendor List


Schnitzels- 158 Pitt St. Cornwall
Note-Best back room with room for what looks like about 30 people. Nice stage to set up décor as well as floor space. We can add so many different options in the room.

Shoeless Joes-1110 Brookdale Ave, Cornwall
Contact- (613) 935-6410
Notes- They have a spot where we can put the jumbo numbers and garland. We also have done helium bouquets for the tables.

O'Neils Pub- 29 Long Sault Drive, Long Sault
Contact- (613) 534-3959
Notes- They have a spot where we can put the jumbo numbers and garland/ candy cart. Krista has a nice corner for many different ideas to add some fun balloons to. We also have done helium bouquets for the tables.

Esca- 317 Pitt St. Cornwall
Note- Allow people to rent out restaurant. Nice spot in the front that fits the jumbo numbers and a garland.

Au Vieux Duluth- 1140-a Brookdale Ave
Contact- (613) 933-7000
Note- Table bouquets are a nice touch here and have also had the jumbo light up numbers set up. 

Tauro- 903 Brookdale Ave, Cornwall
Contact- (613) 936-0322
Note- Nice small room, fits about 10 people comfortably. Small garland or helium balloon bouquet recommended. Not as expensive as I thought it would be. 

Sheep's Head Bistro- 18299 Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry County Road 2, Cornwall
Contact- (613) 935-8855
Notes- Smaller space, helium balloon bouquet recommended. Light up marquess and small garland have worked there as well.

St Hubert's - 705 Brookdale Ave
Notes- Side room at St. Hubert's is usually where they put bigger groups. Has a door to nice when there are kids around and you can close off the room. Table bouquets are great if using all the tables and a balloon marquee to show that pop of art!

Quinns Inn- 17329 Kings St, St Andrews West

Contact- (613) 936-1865

Notes- Quinns has two rooms for rent. Both have a good space for balloons. Great for small - medium sized parties.


Best Western-1515 Vincent Massey Drive
Contact- Natasha - 613-932-0451, press 2 & ext. 15
Note- Best Western has 7 rooms plus a side room off Hops and Barley Restaurant available for rent with all different pricing.  Starting from $175-$300 for the biggest room. They are extremely accommodating to the best of their ability and if it is a large event that will run late, the hotel is right there for a night away. Once in contact with Natasha, she sends over an amazing list with all the rooms, pricing and sizes.

Benson Centre- 800 7th St West
Contact-(613) 938-9898
Note- Benson Centre has 5 rooms. The Automotive Room is the biggest and has a ton of room for larger parties. There is no fridge so bring a cooler with ice if things need to keep cool. The room is great for garlands and plenty of space for walls, light up marquee numbers and ceiling decor.

Ramada by Wyndham- 805 Brookdale 

Contact- (613)-209-0670

Note- Ramada has 3 rooms for rental. They offer catering and have tons of space for any balloon decor. 

St Andrews West Fire Hall-5205 Hwy 138 St Andrews West

Contact-(613) 534-2419 - Roxanne and Kara Parks and Recreation
Note- 50 people max. Full sized kitchen, $125/day  $25/hour ***
This room offers many options when it comes to balloons and décor.  We are easily able to do garlands and centerpieces and so much more.

St Andrews Church- 17298 County Rd 18
Contact-  (613) 662-1748
Note- Rents their hall to non parish members, however parish events do get priority.  Price is $125, and insurance is needed, they provide an insurance link. Set up/take down as well as garbage disposal is the renter's responsibility. They have a nice wide open space with plenty of space for bigger set ups.

Long Sault Fire Hall- 60 Mille Roches Rd
Contact- (613) 534-2419 - Roxanne and Kara Parks and Recreation
Note-40 People max.  $25/hour or $125/day *** I have not decorated here as of yet. I have been to a party here once and it was a good size so we can do some fun décor there as well.

Long Sault Hall- 2 Mille Roches Rd, Long Sault
Contact- (613) 534-2419 - Roxanne and Kara Parks and Recreation
Note- $30/hour or $200/day***, non licensed. Nice large room, with plenty of opportunity for many balloons. 

RCAFA- 240 Water St, Cornwall
Contact- (613) 932-5334
Notes- RCAFA has two rooms. A very small one in the basement but great for a smaller crowd. The upstairs has a few you can’t help but love. The room upstairs has tons of room for Balloon decor and dancing.

Knights Of Columbus- 205 Amelia, Cornwall
Contact: (613) 932-7600
Notes- Knights of Columbus has 3 rooms. A very large upstairs room with space to fill. High ceilings make possibilities endless. The second biggest room is a good size with lots of room for seating and garlands and centerpieces, and the third is great for small children's parties. 

Army Navy Club- 14 Marlborough St, Cornwall
Contact- (613) 938-5020
Notes- Nice space, has a stage to decorate as well as lots of room for seating. Lots of room for balloon décor, centerpieces and light up marquees.

Cornwall Gymnastics Club- 525 Boundary Rd, Cornwall
Contact- (613) 933-4356
Note- They are not allowed balloons of any kind, but a very fun place to host a party, so I wanted to include them here as well.


***Prices are subject to change anytime- these prices were collected as of February 27, 2023***